Bino Vue, with BVP-2001



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Concept: At Tele Vue, the driving force has been to
get as close to the contrast, resolution and field of the most remarkable
instrument of all: the human eye. While always respecting the need for viewing
comfort, convenience and value, we have broken through conventional barriers to
bring you eyepieces and telescopes with performance dramatically closer to our
“spacewalk viewing” goal. A major limitation has been the lack of binocular
viewing. The night sky with one eye closed is missing a lot. Open both eyes and
see the dramatic improvement in resolution, contrast, and viewing comfort. All
this plus an illusion of depth. Yes, your brain loves two eyed viewing, even
when it’s not true stereo. Open your eyes and mind to Bino Vue. — Al Nagler

Limitations of ordinary binoculars

You’re probably aware that the color correction and resolution of all high
powered binoculars is far less than ideal. Usually the size, weight, cost,
inconvenience and lack of interchangeable eyepieces render them undesirable for
all but the most die hard fans.

Bino Vue: 1.25-lb. 2...

Bino Vue: 1.25-lb. 2x Amplifier: 0.40-lb.

Limitations of ordinary 45° binocular attachments

  1. The 45° angle is very uncomfortable for high angle viewing.
  2. Interocular adjustments require refocusing.
  3. The 45° angle makes it difficult to use with reflectors.
  4. An erector must be added for terrestrial viewing.

Enter Bino Vue

We immediately recognized the advantages of a binocular attachment that
adjusts interpupillary distance like an ordinary binocular and sets up as easily
as changing an eyepiece. The in-line viewing arrangement allows inter-ocular
adjustment without focus shift. And, we use the largest prism apertures

The Tele Vue Touch

To permit Bino Vue to reach focus with any telescope, we engineered an
optical elimination of its 5.1″ path length. Our special compensator lens system
makes the Bino Vue parfocal when fully inserted to its stop and,
results in only a 2x increase in magnification. The compensator lens also
corrects for prism effects that can degrade high power viewing.

For short focal length scopes such as the Tele Vue-76, Tele Vue-85 and Tele
Vue-NP101, the 2x amplification results in low powers down in the 30x range.
Even larger instruments will find the Bino Vue extremely versatile. For example,
a 13.5″ f/4.5 Dobsonian, would have a low power limit of 96x with a pair of 32mm

SCTs have enough focus travel to use Bino Vue without the compensator. For
any scope that can accept Bino Vue’s 5.1″ of path length, we also
include an empty tube to install in place of the amplifier assembly.

Finally, Tele Vue tests the collimation and image quality of each unit. This
time and labor intensive operation is essential for a binocular viewer used at
planetary magnifications. Tele Vue has the facility and expertise to service the
Bino Vue should it be required. You always have that assurance with Tele Vue

가격 및 배송안내

  • 상기 가격은 환율에 의해 상시 변동될 수 있습니다.
  • 배송비 : 기본배송료는 3,500원 입니다. (도서,산간,오지 일부지역은 배송비가 추가될 수 있습니다) 100,000원 이상 구매시 무료배송입니다.
  • 본 상품의 평균 배송일은 7일입니다.(입금 확인 후) 설치 상품의 경우 다소 늦어질수 있습니다.[배송예정일은 주문시점(주문순서)에 따른 유동성이 발생하므로 평균 배송일과는 차이가 발생할 수 있습니다.]
  • 본 상품의 배송 가능일은 7일 입니다. 배송 가능일이란 본 상품을 주문 하신 고객님들께 상품 배송이 가능한 기간을 의미합니다. (단, 연휴 및 공휴일은 기간 계산시 제외하며 현금 주문일 경우 입금일 기준 입니다.)
  • 교환 및 반품안내

  • 상품 청약철회 가능기간은 상품 수령일로 부터 7일 이내 입니다.
  • 상품 포장 제거 또는 개봉으로 상품 가치 훼손 시에는 7일 이내라도 교환 및 반품이 불가능합니다.
  • 고객 변심에 의한 교환, 반품은 고객께서 배송비를 부담하셔야 합니다(제품의 하자,배송오류는 제외)
  • 일부 상품은 신모델 출시, 부품가격 변동 등 제조사 사정으로 가격이 변동될 수 있습니다.
  • 개별 주문제작상품의 경우에는 제작완료, 인수 후에는 교환/반품기간내라도 교환 및 반품이 불가능 합니다.
  • 일부 특가 상품의 경우, 인수 후에는 제품 하자나 오배송의 경우를 제외한 고객님의 단순변심에 의한 교환, 반품이 불가능할 수 있사오니, 각 상품의 상품상세정보를 꼭 참조하십시오.